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Boundary Surveys in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Sanderson-Gutierrez Civil Engineers & Land Surveyors, Inc. specializes in civil engineering and survey services for street plans, sewer and water plans, and other construction projects. Contact our land surveyors today for your topographic, boundary, and A.L.T.A. surveys.

Topographic & Boundary Surveys

"Topographic" is to take evaluations of the site and locate its features. "Boundary" means you locate the lot lines in preparation for construction. These 2 surveys are always done together before any residential or commercial build. After the build, we provide staking services, which involves staking everything you put at the site, such as structures, curbs, and gutters.

ALTA Surveys

When you purchase a lot and need funding to build, loan agencies typically want to see an ALTA survey first. This survey safeguards investments by determining any problems before construction and ensures protection against boundary discrepancies or easements that might make the site unusable.

We provide ALTA surveys for residential, commercial, and industrial lots at the beginning of projects in relation to boundary surveys. After your survey, engineering and construction may begin on the vacant lot.
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